Why I No Longer Write Articles About 42 School Projects


Following a meeting with 42 school’s pedagogical team, I decided to remove all articles directly related to 42 projects.

The most rewarding part of every project is the whole research, testing, failing and researching again process that finally leads to a viable solution. And I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of this journey.

By digging a little deeper into this site, you will find elements that can help you with your projects. Here is a list of useful articles about the concepts behind 42 school projects:

If you find yourself completely stuck on a project, don’t hesitate to send me a message to discuss it.

Happy coding and researching!

About the author

Mia Combeau

Student at 42Paris, digital world explorer. I code to the 42 school norm, which means for loops, switches, ternary operators and all kinds of other things are out of reach... for now!


  • It seems to me a regrettable decision on the part of the pedagogue-department of your campus.

    Your work and articles were impeccable. And no, they were not an “advantage” for anyone, just a help for those who may have a little more trouble reaching the solution.
    I hope you can rethink your decision. Long live shared knowledge! Long live free culture!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Sirius, I appreciate it.

      The point that the pedagogical team made was not about anyone getting an unfair advantage. 42’s peer-to-peer learning is about dialogue, the exchange of ideas and points of view between its students. Articles like the ones I removed don’t promote this kind of dialogue since blogs simply aren’t the best platform for debate and mutual exchange of knowledge: they are one-sided communication channels.

      I will continue to write here and a lot of the information in the removed articles is being recycled into smaller, more topical articles that might still help others, I hope. Long live shared knowledge 😉

By Mia Combeau
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